How Gathered Gifts Red Envelopes are Unique


At Gathered Gifts, we are very proud of our debut product - our own fresh and modern take on Chinese Red Envelopes. We wanted high quality, beautiful gift products that reflect our aesthetic and our pride, similar to the way we want our homes to reflect our personalities and our gifts to reflect our intentions. So... we went ahead and made some products that do this!

A few things that make Gathered Gifts red envelope products unique:


  • Premium Design. We REALLY care about beautiful design and have grown our careers in the stationery industry. Each envelope is designed exactly the way a greeting card is designed, with thought behind graphics and colors. We hope it shows!

  • Explaining Symbolism. Chinese culture and symbolism go hand in hand. But have you ever wondered what the symbols mean? With every envelope, we include a backing card that tells you the meanings behind all the graphic elements on your red envelope. To us, it's important to share this context- plus, it's an easy way to explain things to your friends who may not know!

  • Quality. Our products are manufactured on high quality, brand name heavy card stock and use the latest digital printing press technologies available. Every detail counts for us, from the envelope to the packaging and even the seals that close each envelope.
  • Made in the USA. Our products are manufactured in the US using partners that we've worked with regularly over the years. 
  • Your envelopes are not mass produced. We're a small team trying to grow our small business by finding and producing products that are special and meaningful. We want your experience and your recipient's experience to be truly unique. This means we pay attention to the details that count because we produce on a much smaller scale than a typical red envelope. 

Want to see all of this talk in action? Be sure to sneak a peek at our Red Envelope collection and let us know what you think. 


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