Throwing a Last-Minute Chinese New Year Party

It’s February 15 and you forgot, and we don’t mean someone’s birthday or Valentine’s Day. It’s Chinese New Year’s Eve. The Year of the Dog is barking in your face and you need to pull something together ASAP.

Fear, not! We present you with...

Your Last Minute CNY Party Checklist

  • Call some friends. Tell them you’re throwing a Chinese New Year dinner. Please arrive at 8pm!
  • Round up your red envelopes and your freshest bills. Get ‘em good and ready! The party is basically made with these. Now on to other supplies.
  • Stop by the store. See if they have fortune cookies or almond cookies. A tray of Chinese candies. Hm…. no? Get Swedish Fish candies as a backup. Fish are lucky! These are red! It’s close enough.   
  • Grab some oranges. If there are ones with stems, get those - way more Instagram friendly.
  • While you’re at it, get some flowers. Pick up some carnations and pretend they’re mums. Everyone will be so wowed by your knowledge that mums are a symbol of longevity that no one will question that they’re actually carnations. They’re inexpensive so you can buy a lot - flowers are a good thing and symbolic of a beautiful new year.
  • No time or ability to prepare a banquet. Call the Chinese takeout place from the car. Order double orders of lo mein (longevity!) and dumplings or potstickers (wealth!). It’ll still be a hit, we promise.
  • Wait, more. On the way home from the restaurant, urgently swerve into Popeyes and pick up a 10 piece fried chicken. Rationalize it by “needing something with protein.” Chickens are good luck. Well technically whole chickens are good luck, but fried chicken is delicious. Convince yourself that this works.
  • The perfect presentation. Pour all the food out onto serving platters that you’ve only ever used once before. Eliminate all takeout cartons. Arrange food platters on kitchen counter along with a bowl for the oranges and the flowers in a vase. Picture perfect!! Take a photo.
  • Finishing touches. Find (pretty) red silk scarf thing that mom gave you from her last trip. Drape it on the couch for extra New Year’s effect. Retake photo so it includes red silk thing in the background. Text photo to mom so you can tell her you have it together and hosted friends for Chinese New Year.
  • Friends arrive. Give them red envelopes. They’re a hit! Bring it on, Year of the Dog - let’s get the party started!!!

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