Assorted Red Envelope 3-Pack

Assorted Red Envelope 3-Pack

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This 3 pack of red envelopes includes a variety of designs perfect for all occasions where you want to give a little luck. With the Good Fortune Red Envelope, Vintage Mod Red Envelope and Firecracker Red Envelope, these red envelopes are great for spreading propserity to your friends and family.

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Categories - Good Luck, Congrats, New Year


GOOD FORTUNE red envelope

  • Oranges: The Chinese words for orange (the fruit) and gold (wealth) sound similar, making oranges a popular symbol and food for good luck.
  • 福 Fu: Chinese symbol for fortune or good luck.

VINTAGE MOD red envelope:

  • 福 Fu: Chinese symbol for fortune or good luck

FIRECRACKER red envelope:

  • Firecrackers: used at celebrations to scare away any bad spirits. Also they’re FUN!
  • 福Fu: Chinese symbol for fortune or good luck

Product Details:

  • Includes 3 red envelopes
  • 3.25” w x 4.25” l when closed
  • Printed and crafted in USA on cardstock
  • Comes with a seal to close the envelope
  • No cash or money included