Plenty of Goodness Red Envelope

Plenty of Goodness Red Envelope

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Enclose your money gift with symbols of abundance, wealth and joy as you kick off the New Year with the Plenty of Goodness Red Envelope. Perfect for congratulatory gifts too!

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  • Fish: plenty or a bounty, the word for fish, “yu,” is a homophone for abundance and affluence in Chinese
  • Oranges: in Chinese, the word for orange (the fruit) and for gold (the riches) are homophones. The fruit is often used as a wish for good fortune. Also, it’s delicious!
  • Fu: Chinese symbol for fortune or good luck, often seen hanging at the entrances of homes.

Product Details:

  • 3.25” w x 4.25” l when closed
  • Printed and crafted in USA on cardstock
  • Comes with a seal to close the envelope
  • No cash or money included