Wedding Red Envelope 3-Pack

Wedding Red Envelope 3-Pack

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This 3 pack of red envelopes are perfect for all the upcoming weddings you are attending. Featuring a mix of our "double happiness" designs, you'll be ready to give the perfect gift including one Proud Peonies Red Envelope, one Double Happiness Red Envelope and one Peony Happiness Red Envelope. Red envelopes send your best to the happy couple.

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Peony: associated with spring, wealth and honor, the peony is a symbol of royalty and virtue, and are cherished for their beauty. It’s our favorite flower!

囍 shuāng xǐ represents double happiness and is a literal mashup of two characters for the word “joy.”

    Product Details:

    • Includes 3 red envelopes
    • 3.25” w x 4.25” l when closed
    • Printed and crafted in USA on cardstock
    • Comes with a seal to close the envelope
    • No cash or money included