The Gathered Gifts Story

Gathered Gifts is an online destination celebrating the stories and products of modern families honoring their traditions, new and old.

Celebration is at the core of our offerings— in our products and the stories we share. We seek to find ways to honor your heritage with updated products that reflect a diverse, modern aesthetic for every occasion that’s important to you. And in this day and age, we also think it's important to celebrate our roots, our families and our shared values, even if we have different ways of honoring our traditions.

How It All Began

Finding a gift for a friend’s wedding shouldn’t be too hard, right? For one stylish, dear friend, we had some major trouble finding a modern, design-forward red envelope for a traditional cash gift. After searching the corners of the inter-webs for a high quality red envelope that didn’t look ridiculous or cheesy, we pounded the table, knocked over a coffee and demanded something better (and easier to find). For a gift this special, we wanted—no, we needed—a product that honored this Chinese tradition, but had the aesthetic that felt like ours, instead of our mother’s and grandmother’s.

This Logo of Ours

The Gathered Gifts logo showcases a modern take on the Chinese “good luck” knot. The interwoven lines forming the knot pattern represent the connected stories and traditions that Gathered Gifts aims to honor through its products. Furthermore, the continuity of the lines underscore the connections and lineage within families and at the core of celebrated traditions. (Also: Do you see hearts? We do too. <3)

The Gathered Gifts Team

Gathered Gifts is comprised of a small team of design-loving, gift-giving storytellers. Our desire is to build a company that we love working for while delivering beautiful products that we’re proud to have represent our various heritages and love for beautiful design. Our shared experience spans companies including Tiny Prints, Shutterfly, Sincerely, Framebridge, True&Co., Williams-Sonoma, and independent stationery brands.

Keep in Touch

Sharing your stories, your traditions, and your celebrations is what we’re all about. Have a family tradition that our community should know about, (even if it’s grandma’s)? In a multicultural family? Adopted or parents of an adopted child who is from a different culture than your own? We want to hear from you!

If you are a designer or artisan and would like to work with us, please get in touch!